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Learn more about us and our Designs and how to use it

In this article, you will learn more about us and about our Designs and Bundles and how to use them.

We’re t-shirt designs world. from Barcelona (spain). empowers creators around the world to make their ideas a reality. Everything we do is to help them turn passion into opportunity, no matter their race, gender, or location. If you’re ready to showcase and market your talent, join us below!

T-shirt Designs World is one of the most reliable marketplace in order to develop and maintain a successful print on demand business. Our team of developers, designers and editors is specialized in t-shirt designs, vectors, custom art, banner ads, branding and corporate identity.

You are invited to explore our site to get an insight on what we do and how we can meet your expectations. We made sure you have plenty to choose from and great deals that always make our customers return. So, join our community!


You can use our design assets in any designs and also on products on Zazzle, Etsy, Cafepress, Printify, Printful, and many others. You can print them on t-shirts, mugs, pillows, shoes, hats, iPhone cases, totes, posters, and anything you can think of.

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The wonderful design that makes your site or your products more attractive should not cost you a lot of money, and we know that printing on demand of all kinds takes a lot of effort and money, so we always think about your interest and invite you to visit the cheapest designs page and find incredible offers. For example, a package of 500 designs, which separately costs just over $2,400, there are over 5,000 such examples to date.

Our designer team has a lot of talents and professional experience. Our clients are smart, enthusiastic and have great ideas. As of 2015, the t shirt designs world team has spent over 7 years building a world-class platform to enable remote creative collaboration. All these people who work are the ones who make magic.

A team with great experience in the field of design.

Cheapest Bundles in our store

whether you’re an artist, writer, designer, or entrepreneur, physical products can be the perfect canvas for monetizing your creativity. It’s time to look into print on demand as a model for your business.

From t-shirts to posters, backpacks to books, you can put your own original spin on everyday products and sell them online. However, if you go the traditional route of buying and holding your own inventory, you may be left with a pile of products that aren’t selling.

What is print on demand (POD), and how does it work?

Print on demand is a process where you work with a supplier of white-label products (like baseball hats or tote bags) to customize those products and sell them on a per-order basis under your own brand and with your own designs.You don’t pay for the cost of the product until after you’ve actually sold it, so there’s no need to buy in bulk or hold any inventory yourself. Plus with print-on-demand services, everything after the sale, from digital printing to order fulfillment and shipping, is handled by your supplier. Once you’ve set everything up, it takes only a few clicks to fulfill an order after you’ve made a sale.

Best print-on-demand services for creating custom products

While many print-on-demand services might seem relatively similar at first glance, you’ll have to carefully consider the ones you choose based on the products you want to create, where you’ll be shipping them, and the retail prices you want to offer, among other factors.

For example, a low base cost for one product might make it an obvious choice, until you realize that it would take 21 business days to reach customers with your most affordable shipping option.Exercise due diligence when evaluating the right company for you. To help you out, I put together a quick overview of some of the most popular services that cover a variety of scenarios. All of these services are free to set up (you only pay when you order a product), plus they integrate with your Shopify store.

1. Printful

Printful is a popular choice among print-on-demand sites because of its wide selection of high-quality products and brands (Gildan, American Apparel, etc.), easy-to-use mockup generators, and options for adding your own branding to the unboxing experience.For apparel products in particular, Printful offers a number of printing techniques you’ll want to be aware of:

• Direct to Garment prints directly onto clothing—especially good for simpler designs (i.e., witty t-shirts). You can only print on certain areas of the product as a result.

• Cut and Sew is sometimes known as “all-over print.” The article of clothing is cut, printed on, and then put back together for a seamless print across the entire piece. While the base costs may be higher, this lets you create a more premium product that could sell for more. This is not to be confused with “sublimation printing,” which is a less accurate but more economical method of achieving an all-over print.

• Embroidery is perhaps the most complex printing technique because the final product is actually a threaded design with a 3D effect. This is best for simple designs that involve only a handful of colors, and for products like hats.

I use Printful [for my online store]. They’re amazing because you don’t have to put a lot of money into it upfront. I get an order in the store, they will print my design on a shirt and they’ll ship it out. I’d go insane if I had to ship everything myself.

Liz Bertorelli
You should also be mindful of how additional customizations affect the price. Printing on the sleeve or inside label, for example, will usually mean paying a nominal fee on top of base cost.

Besides apparel, Printful also offers mugs, bedding, pillows, framed posters, beach towels, aprons, and more.



2. Lulu Direct

Lulu is a self-publishing platform for printing and distributing your own books and ebooks, offering many of the tools you’d need.

Lulu Direct is its print-on-demand offering and lets you choose from a wide selection of book sizes, binding types, and page/print quality to build your own book product.

While there is no built-in editor to design your book, Lulu Xpress does offer downloadable templates to get you started. It even has a transparent pricing calculator to help you cost out your project, including various shipping options.

There are also discounts available if you’d like to order in bulk.

lulu direct


3. Gooten

Like Printful, Gooten offers a wide range of products that you can customize with several that are unique to Gooten, such as calendars and dog beds.

However, since Gooten uses an international network of vendors and dropshippers to print its products, there’s also a lot more variance between its items in terms of quality and shipping. But that also means you’re likely to see lower product and shipping prices as well.

Gooten has an intuitive image editor that gives you a good sense of what your final product will look like.



4. Printify

Printify is another print-on-demand service that features the usual selection of t-shirts and hoodies. What’s notable about Printify is it also offers an international vendor network that enables a number of unique white-label products you’re not likely to find elsewhere, such as jewelry, clocks, shoes, and water bottles. In fact, the platform boasts over 200 products you can print on.

While Printify is free to use, a premium subscription is available that gives you 20% off of all products for $29 a month, which is a solid option if you’re looking to scale up later and improve your profit margins

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Tips for starting with print on demand

Using a print-on-demand service might be easier than managing your own inventory, but there are some considerations unique to this approach that you should be aware of. Luckily, for most of these challenges you’ll face, there are creative solutions. 


1. Always order samples

Quality assurance is essential when you’re using print-on-demand services to sell online. You want to ensure your physical product looks and feels as you intended, and the best way to do that is to be your own customer, so you can experience first-hand what it’s like to receive your products. Some services, like Printful, even offer a sample discount of up to 20% off or free shipping, so be sure to take advantage of that if it’s available.Beyond ensuring product quality, samples are also good to have on hand for taking your own product photos for your website and social media profiles. 

2. Be strategic about shipping

Even when you’re not shipping products yourself, shipping still offers some complexity in the form of shipping times and costs, and how to set the right expectations with customers.You’ll want to be sure that you’re accounting for printing times when it comes to shipping. Whatever the shipping times are, be sure to add anywhere from two to four days for production, or more depending on the product.print on demandIf you can, try to partially or fully absorb your shipping costs into your retail price. Year after year, studies show that surprise shipping costs added at checkout can deter customers from buying.On top of that, free shipping bolsters a number of your other marketing efforts:


• Free shipping is still a great sales sweetener, even if you can only offer it for specific regions, and provides customers with one more incentive to buy.


• Conditional free shipping (e.g., “Get free shipping when you spend $30 or more”) encourages customers to add more to their cart to reach the threshold and usually helps you achieve a better total shipping rate by shipping everything together.

• You can use free shipping to justify longer wait times. Many consumers will wait a bit longer for an order if they know it will save them money on shipping.


3. Create mockups that show off your products

While models can help you snap compelling photos of your products, mockups are also an effective alternative and will be a prominent part of your product pages. Many print-on-demand services can help you create your own mockups, showing your products on a person or as a flatlay. But there are other services and plenty of free mockup templates that can also bring your products to life.These mockups are what will sell your products to customers, so it can literally pay to go the extra mile. PlaceIt is an easy-to-use mockup generator that lets you create photo and video mockups for $8 each. Or, if you know the basics of Photoshop or other photo editing tools, you can browse Mockup World or Behance for templates.



4. Find your niche and build an audience

Since your margins will be a bit thinner with print-on-demand products, you’ll want to be strategic about how you position your brand. Having a clearly defined audience (e.g., dog owners) can actually help you lower the costs to acquire customers and maximize your potential profits because your targeting will be much more precise.Having a niche makes it easier to grow an audience that becomes an asset. Some marketing tactics you can try right away include:

Start an Instagram account and create/curate content to serve your target audience. 

Spend $10 on Facebook ads (to start) to test your products with your target market. 

Collect emails from visitors so you can continue to market to them for free.Growing an audience is a must for building a long-term business, print on demand or otherwise.


5. Create your own online store

If you’re getting into print on demand, you’ll come across different marketplaces to sell your custom designs on. For example, RedBubble and Zazzle offer POD services when you create a store on their platforms. People also sell custom products through Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. 


These marketplaces do come with some benefits: Amazon alone has 300 million active customer accounts worldwide, putting more eyeballs on your products. Etsy has over 80 million active buyers. Zazzle has a good reputation, listing hundreds of millions of products since its founding in 2005.Marketplaces give shoppers choice and an easy way to find products. But what they don’t do is provide a shopping experience that you control. This gives you a unique startup opportunity. When you build a branded storefront on top of an ecommerce platform like Shopify, you can control the experience: how your store looks and feels, how people interact with you, how they discover your brand. It also offers integrations with top POD services so everything happens from one dashboard. Not to mention the lower fees you’ll pay from owning your own store. Shoppers who aren’t loyal to brands like Etsy or Amazon may enjoy getting to know your brand and browsing your site. Your email list, remarketing ads, and social media profiles make it easier to stay connected with them and build a relationship that extends beyond the marketplace. 


Design, test, sell, and grow

Print-on-demand services offer an accessible place to begin for new entrepreneurs or for anyone who just wants to test an idea before they invest in it. There are thousands of white label products out there that you can make your own, and no shortage of possible designs to pair with them.Select combinations will inevitably sell better than the rest, but it’s relatively easy to repurpose the same core design for several products.If your business idea pans out and you start generating a meaningful number of sales, you can always graduate from print on demand to holding your own inventory, or continue to use these services while finding new ways to grow your audience.The greatest advantage of the print-on-demand model is the flexibility it affords your business and the time it gives you back to focus on growth.

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31 desain = "SVG", "PNG" ( LATAR BELAKANG TRANSPARAN ), "EPS", "AI",

3 desain  = " Ai " DAN " PNG "  ( LATAR BELAKANG TRANSPARAN )




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  These designs are available in the following file formats: SVG EPS ai (adobe illustrator) PNG (TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND)
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Zip-Archive are provided in AI Vector Files, CDR Vector Files, PNG ( Transparant Background ) , EPS ( High Resolution Image ).
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You can resell this artwork in printed format only On POD On Your Website Print On T-Shirt, Hoodies, Mugs, and more merchandising according to your needs
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“Big Sale Fitness and Retro Gym Bundle” with unique concept in Vector Format in Ai , EPS,CDR, PNG Format File
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Best Anime T-shirt Design Bundle - 14 shirt & Poster Designs. This original artwork is for sale. It's available in several files such as: AI (Vector Files), CDR (Vector Files), SVG (Vector Files), EPS (Vector Files), PNG (high resolution 300 dpi and on transparent background) Can be used for digital printing and screen printing. Now everyone can have high quality designs at low prices. the advantage of this product is the level of detail that is very special but easy to print, because of it's high resolution and can be printed into all media such as t-shirts, posters, pillows, stickers, and others. Warning: You are not allowed to resell, sublicense or redistribute in digital format Feel free to contact the artist directly regarding this or any other work Please Visit The Shop to get latest designs notification Thank you
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You Will Receive:
  • 50 Romantic quotes t-shirt designs
  • Ready to Print
  • 100% Vector sources files in EPS & SVG formats
  • File Included: EPS SVG PNG
  • Resizable, scaleup & down, add & remove elements or recolor without image quality loss
  • Perfect for t-shirt sublimation & other merchandise
  • Includes high-resolution PNG with transparent background
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With this INSTANT DOWNLOAD, you will receive:
  • 375+ The best collection t-shirt designs
  • 20 Themes
  • Ready to Print
  • File Included: EPS SVG PNG
  • 100% Vector sources files in EPS & SVG formats
  • Includes high-resolution PNG with transparent background
  • Resizable, scaleup & down, add & remove elements or recolor without image quality loss
  • Perfect for t-shirt sublimation & other merchandise

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